467 TUR - A Year-and-a-Half with Darryl Beddington


"My name is Darryl Beddington. I am writing about my connection with 467 TUR".

"In Februry 1981, I had sold my first Lotus Cortina (sorry no pics of that one) and was driving around in a MK1 Ford Escort Mexico. I missed the LC so much I decided that I must have another one. In March of that year, after looking through various magazines, I saw 467 TUR advertised for 1200. A quick phone call to the seller (It may have been Joe Johnston - but not sure.) and an agreement was made - a straight swap - my Mexico for 467 TUR."

"The next day Sunday evening at 11pm, my friend Andy and I set off on a 400 mile trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. When we arrived, the deal was done fairly quickly and we were on our way back home in my new Lotus Cortina - I was well pleased!! (I had only owned the Ford Escort Mexico for 4 weeks, 2 days). The first 200 miles home was awful - it was snowing! The heater was non-functional,and I had a thick coat over my legs to keep them warm - I was thinking "what have done???" As we drove further south, it got slightly warmer and the snow stopped. With immense pleasure, I finally pulled up on my parent's driveway at around 5pm on the Monday."

"Around 4 months later I, was having a street race with a Hillman Hunter GLS (Holbay engine) - he decided to brake quickly and the result is shown in the photo! A friend of mine worked in a car body repair shop, and he did all the repairs.We used 2nd hand parts from a breakers yard - removing the two wings and front panel in one piece and placing them on my car. When all the fabricating was complete, I resprayed the whole car myself."

"I kept 467 TUR until summer 1982 when I sold it to help finance my first mortgage. I sold it to a guy in London - but it was stolen shortly afterwards."

"Here are a couple of pics of 467 TUR. You can see the results of the slight(?) mishap not long after purchasing the car. However, this gave me the opportunity to fit the correct front grille & sidelights. This was my 2nd (out of 5) MK1 LC, and I can always remember it would reach 50mph in 1st gear and 70mph in 2nd! It still retained the alloy doors & bootlit (trunk) but the bonnet was steel. It's such a shame it got stolen not long after I sold it - and never seen again."

Hope you like the pics,


Darryl Beddington (now owner of a MK2 LC).
Weston super Mare

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