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The interior of 1964 Z 74 D 42415 7, "Trim Combination" A875

In 1963 at the Lotus Factory at Cheshunt, black vinyl Cortina GT interiors were fitted to the Lotus Cortinas, but with a different instrument panel pod. The interior "Trim Combination" code (or later, just the "Trim" code) found on the early diamond shaped VIN Plates was A875, indicating the early GT interior, with "pointy" chrome trim strips on the interior door panels. Later Mark I cars, beginning in about October of 1965, were fitted with a different black vinyl Cortina GT interior, that actually carried the Ford interior trim code B409. However, these later MKI Lotus Cortinas (still built at Cheshunt) still carried the same A875 interior trim code stamping on the new style rectangular VIN Plates, even though the interior trim package had changed. (The newer interior package also included a different 6-gauge instrument pod, of vacuum-formed plastic with brushed aluminum facing.) In other words, late MKI Lotus Cortinas had the new B409 interior, but still had the old A875 trim code on the VIN plate. I guess the employee at Cheshunt whose job it was to change the stamping of the VIN plates didn't bother to make that change. Oh well.

Mark II Lotus Cortinas were assembled entirely at the Ford factory at Dagenham, England. To match the different exterior colors available, different interior colors were offered. Also, the interior trim package styles changed over the years (dashboard changes, door panel changes, seat changes, etc.) and so many different Trim Codes are found on MKII Lotus Cortina VIN plates. An example of "other-than-black" interior is found in BA91GD66236, the ex-Binnie Langley car now owned by Steve Miller of Easely, South Carolina. This car had a forest green interior installed at the Ford factory and still has that unusual color interior.


1967 BA91GD66236 (MKII Lotus Cortina)
w/ Forest Green panels and Fir Green carpets, Interior "Trim Code" B634

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