This is the volume 2 number 7 issue of Racing Magazine, devoted to Bryar Motorsports Park, located in Loudon, New Hampshire. (As an aside, not too far from where I sit writing this. About 30 minutes drive from here, just north of Concord, New Hampshire.) This issue had 34 pages of black and white photographs, drawings and text, a color cover and back cover (Chevron advertisement). It was copyright by Racing Publications, of 675 Pinewoods Avenue Road, Troy, New York. The cover photo shows Allan Moffat in a Lotus Cortina, probably from the 1967 season, then in progress. The inside title page (below, left) shows a Lotus Cortina in the 1966 Trans Am at Bryar, in which Allan Moffat won the race outright. The car pictured looks like an Alan Mann Racing car, and I know that Allan Moffat drove for Alan Mann, but I do not know for certain if that is him driving that particular Lotus Cortina. The magazine caption is not clear on that point.

Inside, starting on page 26 and continuing on other pages, is a partial listing of Trans Am drivers of that series. Allan Moffat gets 2 photographs and 3 columns of text. Further on in the magazine is a listing of Trans Am race results from other tracks during that 1967 season. Lotus Cortinas did not do well in that year, gathering only 1 point, for a finish at Lexington, Ohio by driver Tony Adamowicz. In a footnote to that race, it explains that Allan Moffat was disqualified, but does not say why.

No longer published, it is only available through collectors on the used market. I received a photo-copy of an original issue from John Wasilewski, who is researching Plymouth Barracudas that also ran in the Trans Am series at the end of that decade. If anyone has any sources of information on those cars that they could share with John, I am certain he would appreciate hearing from you.

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