This is an 8.25 inch by 11 inch folded brochure that opens to a 16.5 inches by 22 inches wide poster. The inside displays the Classic, the Anglia Range including Super and Anglia Estate, the Capri and Capri G.T. and the Cortina Range, including Cortina Super, Cortina G.T. and Cortina Estate Cars. On the back side / back-cover of the folder is a page devoted to the Cortina Developed by Lotus, and the Formula Junior race series.

Printed in black and white and 2 shades of red, by Bemrose & Sons Ltd, Derby, it is a product of Ford Motor Co. Ltd, Dagenham, and is published by Advertising Services Group, Advertising Department, Ford of Britain. It is numbered D 5974/5/63 D. My recently purchased copy carries a stamp of "The Automobile Association" Technical Library (see picture above) indicating receipt on 31st of October, 1963. So it must have been distributed in... let's see... probably... October of 1963.

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