This is another version of the 1965 "Open the Door..." brochure, this time a more extensive 16 page 8.5 inch by 10 inch variation published by Car Advertising Department, Ford of Britain, but printed in England by Haycock Press. It carries a Reference number of W4933/649 DOM. ENG. This one does mention the year, on the second page (inside cover), "The 1965 Cortina is planned to bring you a new kind of family motoring - luxury motoring at small car costs."

On the next to last page (inside back cover) is an interesting blurred action photograph of a Lotus Cortina, and 3 columns of text with descriptions of specifications and equipment. The section describing suspension states that the rear axle is located by ..."radius arms and A-frame, coil springs mounted on hydraulic double-acting telescopic shock absorbers." And with a full-width grille and flow-through ventilation. It does NOT mention light-weight aluminum body panels.

No longer published, it is only available through collectors on the used market.

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