Intereurope published this 96 page landscape-format softcover manual, intended "...for the non-technical Cortina owner who is interested in maintaining his vehicle to get the greatest pleasure out of his motoring." Written by Martin Smith and Brian Quinlan, it was published in 1971, ISBN 901610-65-8. I believe it was intended to be stored in the glove-box, as a slightly more thorough, or alternative, owner's manual. It is that, but certainly no more than that.

The book borrows heavily from the same period Intereurope hard-cover manuals, using the same images and text. The Lotus differences are mentioned throughout, but never in any more detail than a glove-box trouble-shooting manual could.

Overall, kind of cool. I think I will keep mine... in the glovebox.

No longer published, it is available from used book stores, and from collectors.

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