1969-1970 MKII Lotus Cortina Wiring Diagrams Key

CodeItem    CodeItem
1R.H. Side Lamp (Front)    40Instrument Illumiation Bulb
2L.H. Side Lamp (Front)    42Generator Warning Light
3R.H. Direction Indicator (Front)    44Instrument Voltage Stabilizer
4L.H. Direction Indicator (Front)    45Speedometer
5R.H. Headlamp    46Tachometer
6L.H. Headlamp    47Clock
7R.H. Front Loom Connector    48Turn Signal Unit
8L.H. Front Loom Connector    53Heater Switch
10Temperature Gauge Sender Unit    54Cigar Lighter
11Coil    55Windscreen Wiper Switch
12Distributor    56Steering Column Connector
13Starter Motor    59Panel Light Switch
14Generator    61Lighting Switch
15Body Earth    62Interior Light
16Battery    63Turn Signal Switch
17Horn    64Horn Switch
18Fuses    65Column Dip Switch
19Regulator    66Headlamp Flasher Switch
20R.H. Bulkhead Multi-Way Connector    67Fuel Tank Sender Unit
21L.H. Bulkhead Multi-Way Connector    69Rear Wiring Connector
22Starter Motor Solenoid    70R.H. Stop Lamp
24Blower Motor Ballast Resistor    71L.H. Stop Lamp
25Heater Motor    72R.H. Direction Indicator (Rear)
26Back-up Lamp Switch (Manual Transmission)    73L.H. Direction Indicator (Rear)
28Windscreen Wiper Motor    74R.H. Side Lamp (Rear)
29Stop Lamp Switch    75L.H Side Lamp (Rear)
31R.H. Courtesy Light Switch    76R.H. Reversing Lamp (where fitted)
32L.H. Courtesy Light Switch    77L.H. Reversing Lamp (where fitted)
33R.H. Indicator Warning Light    78License Plate Lamp
34L.H. Indicator Warning Light    79Rod Lamp Relay (where fitted)
35Ignition Switch    80Tachometer Earth
36Ammeter    81Speedometer Earth
37Oil Pressure Gauge    82Main Beam Warning Light
38Temperature Gauge    83R.H. Road Lamp (where fitted)
39Fuel Gauge    84R.H. Road Lamp (where fitted)

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